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edimapijez.tk While this happened a few times a week on our previous four-tuner product, we had to try really hard to reach a recording conflict with the InfiniTV 6 ETH. This results in a whole new way of thinking about DVRs. While power users have long been addicted to connecting multiple tuner devices to their PCs, average HTPC consumers are still likely to have only one tuner device.

With the InfiniTV 6, that one device is now far more capable. For most users, virtually anything they want can be recorded with no conflicts.

The large number of tuners also benefits users with multiple PCs or devices. Ceton allows users to configure this tuner distribution via one of two methods: Assigned tuners means that a user manually links one or more of the six InfiniTV 6 tuners to a specific PC. This is done during the Windows Media Center setup. When the WMC setup procedure reports that it has found a six tuner device, choose to configure them manually. Each individual tuner on the InfiniTV 6 will be presented in a list; make sure that only the tuners you want associated with that particular PC are checked.

Then, perform the same steps on other PCs until all tuners are assigned. If one PC is recording six channels, all tuners will be allocated to it.

If one PC is recording three channels, another PC recording two, and a user launches live TV via their Xbox media extender, all tuners will dynamically reassign to compensate. This is an exciting feature and it remains in development. Ceton allows users to experiment with it via beta software and drivers, but it is not yet entirely stable. We had some fun throwing different configurations at tuner pooling via three PCs and two extenders Xbox s , and it did indeed work as advertised.

But it also failed on some occasions, requiring a power cycle of the tuner and tuning adapter. In terms of video quality, the Ceton performed as expected.

You should try running the following command and checking that your output has the "crw-rw-rw" line:. I can't hear anything but I can see a picture -- Video and audio come over the same MPEG feed out of your player, so it's going to be something dumb like the volume not up on your MythTV machine or in mplayer itself. It really can't be anything more sophisticated. The video has these weird horizontal lines when things move; the faster, the longer the lines -- That's an interlacing problem.

MythTV can be set to correct for that, so don't despair! Weather Channel ch comcast Philly or Discovery Channel mplayer doesn't open using-. Found out that Cable card wasn't set up correctly by Comcast. They said it was mistakenly set up for a set-top box.

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It took several tries by the Comcast representative before they were able to get the new card up and running. I made sure I could test drive several channels that weren't working before we finished.

InfiniTV 4 USB

MythTV 0. There are reports on the Internet of the card working out-of-the-box with Ubuntu I wasn't able to get this working; MythTV was able to change the tuner's channel and try to pull the stream, but didn't save anything to disk. I had to upgrade to MythTV 0. It goes without saying that you should back up your system, and your MythTV database, before trying this. If you're running Mythbuntu, this should already be installed. If you're running Ubuntu, this is an add-on package that won't convert your entire system to a new distro.

See below if you're using MythTV 0.

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This card is incompatible with MythTV versions earlier than 0. Ronald Frazier has graciously spend the time to create a patch for 0. He has written a 3 part series on his MythTV blog about the patch as well as instructions on how to apply it to source, and how to compile it for Ubuntu 11, which also works with slight modification for Ubuntu You'll want to now enter MythTV's setup.

Type the following from the command line works in Ubuntu, at least:. In MythTV you will want to create four "Ceton Cablecard tuner" recorders for each installed Ceton card you probably only have one card. You want them to have the following settings:. You'll also need to create a Video Source just one. This is basically your "TV Guide" that sends the channel listings to your device and what shows are on what channels at what time..

In the United States, you can go to SchedulesDirect and subscribe to have your channel listings updated and sent to you. You'll have to pay a small annual fee for this.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe in Hackintosh Parallels Win7 VM

Configure the SchedulesDirect or whatever video source; have it pull down your "listing. If you don't ever get a channel list after like 20 attempts make sure you added a channel listing in the SchedulesDirect interface itself. You'll need to know your cable provider for this. Your video source, in the United States, is probably "us-cable". You can always go for "try-all" if you're not sure, but it will take awhile. Not hard; just make sure you do this. I forget what menu it's in, but it's reasonably straightforward.

Media Center (MCE) - Windows 7 x64 - Ceton InfiniTV USB

I had bad luck trying to forge ahead without pulling channels at this point, and if you're a novice at this, it will make things more confusing. You should exit out of mythtv-setup and run:. This will populate the MythTV database with all of your channels and shows. It might take a good 30 minutes to run. Some cable companies used switched digital video. Not sure why it works, but it does. Thanks for the reply. So you're able to watch copy once protected content as well? I verified that I am NOT able to watch copy protected content. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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