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kinun-mobile.com/wp-content/2020-03-20/nasib-program-to-location.php I download the file. I get the following message:. I don't know how to solve it… Is there anyone that can help me?

Upgrade Instructions for Mac OS X 10.11

None Link to a FAQ. I have a mac. Currently, it is version I do not get the error you mention, even with the default compilers. I also did not get it when I had Is there anything else you can tell us that you think might be relevant? Are you using the default Mac compilers? I have gcc GCC 4.

I do not know what others informations could be relevant You are using the bleeding edge version of the gcc compilers. They are development right now and not even considered stable. I am using version 4. I think we need to ask you to try with a stable gcc line.

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Let us know how it goes. Best wishes, Neil. Hi, I installed gcc 4. Sorry for disturbing again.

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Here there is a problem with make. It looks a little bit strange.

Re: Makefile:56: recipe for target 'clean' failed

I tried to install xfig which depends on Xaw3d. I get the following error message: > Configuring Xaw3d Error: Target isobalut.gaure returned: xmkmf. If the authors of this software choose to use a version of "install" that is only available on Linux, then you have no other option than to fix it.

Sometimes new versions of make work strange and it is difficult to understand a reason of it. We had a problem on some platforms where make was sensitive to number of spaces.

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I can propose you to make some tests:. This comment has been minimized.

Sign in to view. Solved the problem by the following linking: Here are the logs brew install, brew --config, brew doctor: Solved with the command: How do you guys do this? I get brew install xfig Error: No available formula for xfig.

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Same here krzakala: Please, can you help me to resolve the following error: Assuming this is stale; should work with the newest version! Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

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Already have an account? Sign in to comment. I can only assume in what I provide here that no major or significant differences would be apparent with later OS X releases.

Makefile:56: recipe for target 'clean' failed

The latest Xaw3d source code release may be downloaded here. Unzip and expand the tar-file in an appropriate directory. Either move the Xaw3d to the current working directory, e.

Bad Path Variable: Terminal Command Not Found

If you do not rename the downloaded file to "Makefile", you must add an option to the make command to override this default, e. Copy this directory to wherever your X11 includes are.