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follow IMO the best tool for delightful prototypes and interactions. Moho Pro 12 is a 2D vector animation tool for Windows and Mac which might be a suitable alternative for animating UI interactions. It's not a particularly easy tool to learn though in my view , and unfortunately there are not that many tutorials available online.

It is powerful though and it's not subscription based. You can move objects along a path as well as automatically interpolate between different keyframes. I suggest downloading the trial version and giving it a spin. You could have a look at Fusion: Absolutely nothing comes close to the flexibility of After Effects, it's absolutely best in class for what it does. Motion is dead in the water which was the only real competition I know Nuke exists but that's more compositing.

Really it depends what you want to do with AE, I mean it can just slide boxes about like Principle, Framer etc but AE also has decent 3D support and best in class non-destructive filters meaning it can be pushed way beyond just sliding rectangles. If you've not seen it, this is a video of Google's Material introduction side-by-side with a total recreation done in Keynote: I agree.

I'd highly recommend it, and I'm surprised it's not used more widely. You can export videos in multiple formats, including 4k at ProRes or if you desire. Thinking a little different, have you tried Blender? I've looked at Blender, but it looks like it is really geared for 3D modeling.

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I assumed it wouldn't work for my needs, but I do see come neat tutorials on YouTube right now. I'll add it to my shortlist. Can you share how you use Blender for interaction design? I've used it for 3D modeling but never thought about using it to prototype an app or anything! Sounds intriguing If a scene is rigged correctly and along with the camera set up. Inspiration came from South Park. It was animated with 3D Studio Max; retained the paper cut look and feel but saved the manual overhead.

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So I tend to use it for things like lower thirds or credits, because I can create "Master Templates" in Motion and import them into FCP and re-use them with different content. For example this allows you to use the same Motion composition for all your lower thirds, but change the text in FCP as you edit. It's also good for simple things like Ken Burns' effects panning and zooming on photographs , if you want them to look a bit more polished than FCP's rather sucky motion tools can give you.

I have used After Effects, and from what I know, the main difference is that Adobe's has a much steeper learning curve but is also more powerful than Motion. AE is truly like a "Photoshop" for video, and its great for Special Effects.

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Motion, I've read, is the easiest for making compositions and great if you are working with FCP because it integrates pretty seamlessly. Again, I haven't tried Motion, though I'd love to use it sometime. You can download the AE trial here. While the other answers here cover the feature comparison better, I feel they aren't representing the cost difference adequately. In order to get After Effects from Adobe, you need to sign up for Creative Cloud, which is basically a software leasing scheme being represented as though it were a service which it most certainly is not.

Despite 15 years of experience animating with programs like Flash, Modo, and Maya -- After Effects had a substantial learning curve to do the same things very differently, and was basically useless to me without having my full day to dedicate to learning and using it.


Once you cancel "Creative Cloud" you lose access to all of your work. When I went to cancel my subscription, I was required to wait a long time to sit through a very frustrating conversation with a chat bot, that ultimately ended with my issue being forwarded to some committee that took over week to get back to me. They tried to tell me that I had to pay half the cost of the remaining year's subscription for "early cancellation" even though my first year was up and they automatically renewed my commitment without my permission.

I was never able to get a hold of an actual human being once, and ultimately had to reverse the automatic charges through my bank in order to close my account with Adobe. And if in year 31 you need to cancel your subscription, all your lifetime of payments earned you was the right to lose a lifetime of work.

2. Blender

It's entirely visual, so you don't need to code, and when you're done making something, you can instantly export it as an iOS game Android support is also on the way. But what if you can't even stretch to Affinity's one-off payment? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Long answer: Posted June 5, You May Also Like.

Except perhaps fighting disease and reversing the aging process, I can't think of a feature that justifies such a compromise. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I'm looking to get into more serious video editing right now. What may be considered is how much of a pain Adobe software is on OS X or is it not that bad?

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It's a bit old, but it's one of the few free choices that can handle video compositing, special effects, and a wide selection of plugins. Alternately, Blender is a cross-platform tool meant for 3D design that can also handle a suprising amount of composting options. It's not designed for the same special effects as After Effects, but if you just want to toss some light sabers into that home video you filmed at the Grand Canyon, Blender can do it. It's also worth checking out BlenderGuru for a huge list of tutorials.

Jahshaka was out of date for a while, but has recently relaunched to push a new 3.

Replacing Adobe Flash is a little tricky because Flash does a lot of things. However, the open source and free tool Apache Flex does just about everything Flash can do. You can build Flash applications, mobile apps, and desktop apps with it. It also fully supports ActionScript so you can import anything you've written in Flash. Basically, Flex is Flash without the price tag and the timeline view.

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If you want to use Flash to create 2D animation, Synfig Studio is your best option. Synfig Studio can do about as much as Flash can do with animation, and once you run through the tutorials it's a snap to make to make 2D animations. Unfortunately, you can't export your animations to the Flash standard SWF format, but as a learning tool it works great.

If ActionScript programming is what you're interested in, Flash Develop is a great coding program built specifically for ActionScript. It's a little tough to get started with , but once you get the hang of it, Flash Develop can handle all the code that Flash can. Finally, if making Flash games is more in your interest, Stencyl is an absolutely fantastic free tool for budding game developers.

Its tutorials walk you though every aspect you need to know, and the visual design mimics a lot of what you'll also find in Flash, but works considerably better.

It's entirely visual, so you don't need to code, and when you're done making something, you can instantly export it as an iOS game Android support is also on the way. Replacing the gigantic, all-encompassing Adobe Acrobat is no easy task.

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Popular Alternatives to Adobe After Effects for Mac. Explore 18 Mac apps like Adobe After Effects, all suggested and ranked by the. It's difficult to edit video, if you can't find an Adobe Effects equivalent either for Windows, Mac or Linux. However, this page will include several.

While its set of free options are limited to reading, annotation, and signatures, that's enough for most lightweight users. Mac users should be able to get by with the built-in functions of Preview for most of their PDF editing and creation needs. Preview can handle annotation, highlighting, editing, signatures, and more.

It's not nearly as robust as Acrobat, but for the bulk of people out there who need simple editing tools Preview works great. As we mentioned, most of the above options won't replace Creative Suite for professionals, but they're usually enough for amateurs. They might take a little more work to learn how to use them because they're rarely as well-designed as Adobe's offerings, but they're often nearly as functional. If you do decide to make the upgrade to Creative Suite, remember that the new subscription model makes very little sense when you can snag the student editions even when you're not a student.

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