Mac family tree file extension

Import from another genealogy program Or you may have an old GEDCOM file on your computer from research you entered years ago into a now-defunct family history software program. In other words, you have a nifty family tree file which may contain vital clues to your ancestors and your computer can't seem to open it. What to do?

The list of file extensions associated with MacFamilyTree

See your program's help file for more specific instructions. If you don't own family tree software, or prefer to work online, you can also use a GEDCOM file to create an online family tree, allowing you to easily browse the data.

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  • Can I import databases from previous MacFamilyTree versions into MacFamilyTree 8?!

However, if you have received a GEDCOM file from someone else, you should be sure to get their permission before using this option as they may not wish the information they have shared with you to be available online. Most online family trees do offer the option to create a completely private tree see below.

Where are the databases stored in MacFamilyTree 8 and how can I select a custom storage location?

Both Ancestry. These are not the default option settings, however, so if you want a private family tree you will need to take a few extra steps.

Functional Problems

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Download Learn More Support. Here are some questions we are frequently asked about the RootsMagic App: How do I get support for the App?

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In order to provide this app free of charge, we are unable to provide phone or email support for it. Besides this knowledge base, we also provide a message board where you can ask questions and discuss the app with other users. How do I install the RootsMagic App? The RootsMagic app works directly with your RootsMagic file no conversion needed.

Family Tree Maker

The easiest way to copy your RootsMagic data file to your device is using Dropbox. When you start the app the first time, it will give you instructions on how to copy the file. These instructions are also provided in the next two questions.

How do I create a GEDCOM file from my family tree software?

Just confirm this dialog to automatically convert a copy of the database into the new MacFamilyTree 8 file format. If not yet there, the database will then be moved . Per default the databases are stored in a predefined MacFamilyTree database folder. However, you can also select a custom folder as storage location.

How do I copy my data to my device using Dropbox? There are 2 steps to copying your file to your device: If you haven't previously connected to Dropbox from the RootsMagic app: You will be directed to Dropbox to sign in Dropbox will ask you to authorize the RootsMagic app. Click the "Allow" button to authorize the RootsMagic app.

Importing Family Tree Maker Data

A folder called "Apps" will be created in the root of your Dropbox Folder. Inside of the "Apps" folder will be created a "RootsMagic" directory. Select your file from the list. Depending on the size of the file it may take a minute or two to download the database to your device.

What is Family Tree Maker?

Not only is the more recent file format supported by various third parties, once you've imported the data, you can also export it to GEDCOM for import into most genealogy applications. In the top-left hand corner of your screen, click the File menu. A Wizard dialog box appears. Despite an original roll out that turned into a user Ongoing beta test lasting over a year there are still issues. Fig 7. This glossary will help you unscramble those mystery letters.

A message will pop up when the file is finished downloading to let you know you are ready to use the database The file should now show up under the "On Device" tab in the RootsMagic app. This means it has been copied to your device and doesn't need to be reloaded from Dropbox unless you change the file on your computer. If you edit the database on your computer and re-save it to Dropbox as above , the app will let you know that the files have been modified and need to be re-downloaded to your device.